Coconut oil

What is the use of coconut oil

What is the use of coconut oil? Nothing in a coconut tree or coconut goes as waste; every bit is useful. Coconut oil is the best example as useful oil in multiple ways. Right from cooking to lubricant or hair tonic coconut oil has many uses and advantages. With so many oils available in the market namely olive oil, canola oil, rice bran oil, peanut oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil, coconut oil stands out in utility.

At higher temperature most of cooking oil tends to change chemically. This leads to high cholesterol level. And most of the oils are not friendly to heart, blood pressure, cancer or diabetes.

coconut oil

coconut oil

How can you use coconut oil?

Virgin organic coconut oil may be the best alternative in cooking. The process is cold pressing. Organic coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is a short-chain molecule plentiful in coconuts. Lauric acid enhances the immune system and is friendly with allergic reactions and celiac disorder. The strong anti-microbial components in coconut oil are a remedy by itself to those who are prone to colds, cough and fungal microbial infections. Virgin coconut oil is extra rich in vitamin E, which is an essential nutrient to encourage healthy and balanced skin, hair and nails. Cold-pressed method uses the least quantity of heat possible to ensure that the dietary value of the organic coconut oil is preserved. Also the high heat and temperatures destroy all of the age defying antioxidants.

What you can do with coconut oil?

Nature is so good to us by providing such wonderful oil which possibly are underutilised. This is a natural beauty treatment- moisturiser, deodorant, hair conditioner, nipple cracking solution and what not. As massaging and lubricating oil Coconut is very good. Even for dental problems this oil works wonders.

Coconut oil is good lighting oil as well. And for old bicycles and sewing machines coconut oil was the lubricant. Even now it is used widely for quite a few applications world over. Coconut oil is environment friendly as such.

What is the use of coconut oil?

Nature has provided wonderful oil with multi functional utility to use internally and externally to protect from usual ailments. As also coconut serves as a lubricant, sports medicine, anti rusting agent, hair replenishment etc. Coconut has thick shells with three eyes, protected by fluffy and hairy substance and further protected by a outer skin. That gives us an indication how nature has designs to protect us from many an untoward damages and may be ‘evils’ alike. Like coir which is made out of coconut outer cover, coconut oil is here to protect and bind us in health.


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